User centred design thinking – with RetroKit

Rebecca worked with the RetroKit* team to help them establish their minimal viable product (MVP) for launch in 2019. The session focused on user centered product development, starting with an anchoring exercise to consider RetroKit’s overarching principles. We then reviewed potential users and looked at the product path, using creative hands-on empathy and product mapping exercises. This human centered approach helped the team consider their minimal viable product from a user perspective, alongside technical details and team responsibilities. The session also provided the basis for a full user flow diagram to be produced and implemented in the new year.


The exercises we engaged in for the user flow workshop helped ensure that we are all on the same page and to identify the relationships between different aspects of (and team members within) the project.︎

︎In a single enjoyable day, a team with varying backgrounds devised and understood the overall functional specification and high level user analysis for a very complex energy planning software tool…….the day never felt like a chore, and at the same time was very focused and purposeful!︎

︎{On the Golden Path exercise} it made it easier to discuss and gave an opportunity for everyone to participate. It was good that we had a starting point with the different elements already included.

Since this training Rebecca has continued supporting the RetroKit team to design and deliver other aspects related to their user engagement needs:

Including a ShapeScape session in partnership with ThinkVisual 

*RetroKit is an exciting new Irish software start-up which supports housing professionals to make evidenced-based investment decisions for energy renovations, meaning they can strategically plan their projects and kick-start their implementation. Their mission is to help reduce the carbon footprint in housing, to alleviate fuel poverty and improve the health and wellbeing of householders.

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