Associate – Nick Barber


S.I.D.E Associate Nick Barber specialises in research and presentation, looking into the historical background of a topic to produce a tailored written or spoken artefact.

His particular passion is the topography, history and development of the London area. To this end, he utilises a variety of research techniques, including original research from primary sources, oral history recording and comparative research to produce lectures, publications and guided historical walks in his chosen subject.

Nick has also acted as an advisor to bodies as varied as UCL, Middlesex University, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists on a number of issues including housing, employment and benefits, giving presentations and sitting on advisory panels.

To date Nick has collaborated on our Headtrip project, where he offered an abundance of insight and advice into the experience of depression and the services that exist. Nick enjoys getting on board with projects like Headtrip, which make best use of his diverse skillset and insight and where there is space for collaborative working with other professionals to produce a well-informed and engaging piece.

We look forward to continuing to work with Nick on projects of mutual interest, from mental health and societal wellbeing, to arts, culture and heritage appreciation.

Nick Barber