S.I.D.E Projects is led by Rebecca Hatchett, who has over 20 years experience in creative consultancy and community engagement.

Rebecca either works as an independent consultant or collaborates with others. depending on the requirements of the project.

She has an amazing network of associates, who offer expertise in a huge variety of fields, including, Strategy, Policy, Research, Evaluation, Project Management, Audience Engagement, Stakeholder Management, Partnership Building, Public Programming, Innovation, Communications, Art, Design, Culture and Heritage, Education, CSR, Community Regeneration, Fundraising … and more.

This associate based model means:

We do not employ staff. We are a cooperative of associates who are registered sole practitioners. We recognise that, through combining our services in a cooperative way, we can all achieve more. This structure allows us the flexibility to assemble a team or work as individuals to meet your needs and the requirements of your project.

We are not a consulting firm. We consider ourselves to be people who ‘do’, rather than consult. We work in a collaborative and cross-disciplinary way with our clients, we are happy to listen and advise, as well as roll up our sleeves and get things done.

We offer a professional service at freelance rates. We work in hubs, homes and at project locations, so we don’t have huge overheads. This means you just pay for the service you need, with no hidden costs.

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