Westminster Neighbourhood Renewal – public engagment

In 2013 Rebecca Hatchett supported Westminster charity Vital Regeneration to successfully tender for the Neighbourhood Renewal Community Engagement Service (CES) contract, under Westminster City Council’s (WCC) Neighbourhood Renewal Programme.

After successfully securing the tender, Rebecca was then commissioned to work alongside the charity to develop and deliver a highly creative public engagement campaign, including consultation meetings, workshops, community events and public exhibitions. Below is a case study of just one of the engagement activities we delivered:

The YEMI Mural Project

As a way of creatively engaging younger people in the regeneration of Church Street as part of the wider Neighbourhood Renewal Programme, we designed a mural project and film making project.

This began by delivering a series of creative workshops and consultation activities where the young people worked alongside experts to explore the concept of civic pride. We then related this back to their local area changing, considering employment, housing and green issues; such as water shortages, biodiversity and a proposed Green Spine running through their community.

yemi 2yemi 6


The young people then went on to create a mural and a short film; capturing how they felt about the local government approach and the improvements they wanted to see in their local neighbourhood.

The the mural and film were showcased as part of the public engagement campaign in April 2013. The mural then found a more permanent home local Library, continuing to raise awareness of the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme as it evolved.

Church Street residents backed the first phase of the regeneration proposals in May 2013 (by 87%) – This positive vote was just the start of a 15-20 year vision, known as the Futures Plan, that will improve the neighbourhood’s streets, parks, green spaces, community facilities and market. It will see more affordable, energy efficient homes and boost employment opportunities.

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Other activities included

  • Creating a community voices film set in the market place.
  • Hosting a community radio programme
  • Creatively facilitating consultation meetings in interesting and engaging ways

See where the project is now by visiting Church Street.org