school case study – create+ digital skills

In 2014 Rebecca Hatchett, S.I.D.E Projects Director, worked with Vital Youth to devise Create+ Digital Skills (CDS).

CDS is all about creating opportunities for young people that are real, as well as fun and engaging.

On CDS young people, aged 14-25, work alongside creative industry professionals to deliver a real brief for a client, CDS creative briefs so far have included promotional films, music videos and music tracks. CDS typically runs over an 11-week period and inculdes a creative workshops a Broze Arts Award and progression support.

Following a number of successful projects in 2013-14, CDS has now become an established offer within Vital Youth’s Create+ portfolio.

CDS with Soothsayers

In 2014 Roots / Reggae / Jazz band Soothsayers had an Arts Council funded European tour with reggae legend Cornell Campbell. Rebecca approached the Soothsayers and recommended they partner up with CDS to produce their promotional music video – Soothsayers agreed.

Rebecca then engaged 12 young people from a local secondary school to work with film maker and S.I.D.E Associate Mmoloki Chrystie to produce Conqueror for the Soothsayers:

Here’s a few words from Soothsayers Trumpeter Robin Hopcraft on the experience:

“Our collaboration with Vital Regeneration has been a hugely positive experience. Communication and organisation has been faultless, which made it easy for Soothsayers to take part. We were impressed by the initial concept and ideas behind the project and as it reaches it’s conclusion we feel that the process and outcomes have been of mutual benefit to Soothsayers and the young people involved in the project. Vital Youth Tutor Mmoloki has led the course in a professional and effective way and has gone out of his way to make our involvement hassle free. The filming day was well executed and it was great to see the young people getting involved and learning about professional film production. We have also been really impressed with some of the music re mixes that have been produced by the young people. We have seen the first draft of the final video and it is a really impressive result as it looks both professional and original. Really looking forward to seeing the final thing now. Cornel Campbell was really happy to take part and commented ‘what a great idea, I really liked seeing the youth’s learning and I can’t wait to see the video – I’ve never done this kind of thing before’.

soothsayers-2soothsayers 3