Graphic Harvesting and collective sense making

Harvesting insights and visualising content as it emerges comes naturally to me. Whether it’s capturing an event through a live graphic recording (such as the case study below) or illustrating a story, I love combining my visual arts background with my facilitation experience to bring about collective sense making and visual thinking.

Case Study: Graphic Harvest with JnJ 

In 2019 I produced a large-scale live recording of the JnJ Women’s Leadership and Inclusion conference in partnership with Think Visual. The purpose of engaging a graphic harvester was to:

• Use to create shared meaning from the event
• Capture and communicate key points in a creative way
• Create a useful talking point and memory aid
• Create visual outputs for their communication channels
• Be more participative and prompt people to think more creatively

The process:

Prior to the event: I spent a day remotely co-designing the insight themes with JnJ and doing some initial work on the canvas, although this isn’t always necessary, for this event active participation was a requirement, so we felt having something visual from the outset would draw more engagement.
IMG_7755 IMG_7764 IMG_7831fullsizeoutput_487eIMG_7832
During the event: I delivered the live harvest with the support of a junior illustrator; we listened in to the talks and debates, and invited delegates to share their insights, motivations and commitments during their break. We also invited group of  10 JnJ ‘Champions’ who formed a Whatsapp group with us, this worked brilliantly, ensuring that we didn’t miss anything important and it meant the harvest wasn’t purely our own interpretation.
WLI postcard-02
 After the event: JnJ took the harvest away. During our follow up, they fed back that they were really happy with the outcome and will be reproducing it as posters for their various sites, helping to ensure the memory and legacy, and most importantly commitments made at the event, live on. They are also looking into further digitisation. I also made them a thank you postcard.


Using visual processes to support the European Health Forum team with Think Visual:



Visual examples as part of the Imagining 2050 project with University College Cork


Mitigation and adaptation


Visualising a Transnational Analysis (TA) training and short story for the TA community:

Paper.Sketches.1Blank 4


Delivering an operations, governance and stakeholder training for early career professionals:




Running a 5 day sprint with Transport for London’s UX Design team:



Co-creating exhibitions about the past, present and future of London through visual thinking

Sage_LTM_Jul16-4198tumblr_inline_o2yytaRB7i1u14uf0_1280tumblr_inline_o2yz3xcS211u14uf0_12802015.151_P_Connections Underside Graphic Panel_Floor Graphic_V6-page-001smIMG_9231tortoiseprocess1yemi 3fullsizeoutput_4218

Visualising examples of systems change 


Delivering a workshop with Cainthus to visualise tech solutions for animal welfare 



Running a co-design workshop with RetroKit, visualising through empathy mapping and user flow exercises:




Co-designing Headtrip with Kings College London and nine people with lived experience of depression:

headtrip image 2thumb_IMG_2612_1024 thumb_IMG_6705_1024 thumb_IMG_6699_1024 Robert FullSizeRender  thumb_IMG_3343_1024 thumb_IMG_2635_1024 thumb_IMG_2631_1024 thumb_IMG_E3344_1024


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