Associate – Jessica Hatchett


Jessica Hatchett has been practicing Yoga for 16 years and teaching for 10, she sees yoga as an effective tool for developing physical, mental and emotional health. She runs her own yoga practice in Ireland and offers retreats and mindfulness workshops across Europe.

As a S.I.D.E Projects Associate, Jessica brings mind, body and soul awareness to our away days and retreats.

Through the principles of yoga, she can help individuals, teams and organisations to connect. She can help them release and let go of tension and stress, recognise where habits lie, where they can stretch, where they can grow or where they can become stronger. Where they can try new things or challenge themselves … or where they need to build strength, reflect or let go.

“I cannot begin to describe how wonderful the retreat was. I learnt so much. Everything from the instruction, to the food, to the setting was magical. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to the next one!” Michelle Fleming

S.I.D.E Projects can build a bespoke retreat to suit your organiational needs; from immersive mind, body and soul activities, to creative workshops, facilitation of strategy or systems change, to fun team building, networking or socialising events.

Jessica Hatchett’s TEDx talk on Habits and Yoga: