Associate – Lucia Scazzocchio

Lucia is a sound artist, radio producer, community facilitator and educator- combining all of these skills by defining herself as a ‘Social Broadcaster’. Her mission is to use the magic of audio to retell and reimagine personal stories and social conversations for a fresh transmission of contemporary narratives. She achieves this by creating engaging participatory radio and audio experiences, skilfully crafted audio-scapes and devising imaginative on and off line broadcast initiatives. She also shares her skills and techniques via workshops and education programmes for both children and adults of all abilities.

As a S.I.D.E Projects Associate, Lucia brings her audio and multimedia production skills and her experience in ‘creating and facilitating’ conversations within different communities.

Lucia has had a rich and diverse career, revolving around print journalism, sound and new media. It is an on-going obsession with radio, spanning from her early teens, that leads her to work with many broadcast formats from community, student and pirate radio to commercial and online stations. This experience has led her to question the value and current formats of internet-radio and to begin experimenting with how radio production and broadcasting techniques can be adapted to correspond to emerging mobile, wireless and online technologies and subsequently how audiences consume and relate to audio content. Under the Cultivaters ( umbrella she has created the platform ‘Social Broadcasts’  ( exploring questions around migration, regeneration, health, identity, ageing in collaboration with museums, institutions and organisations such as V&A, Tate Exchange, Nomad Projects, Living Streets, Hackney Council, Hackney Museum, The Green Chain, Counterpoint Arts..Her self-initiated ongoing Social Broadcast ‘Something To Declare’ ( takes a sideways look at migration through a growing online collection of arrival stories. The next iteration of this was a participatory sound installation ‘Beyond the Babble’ at Tate Exchange exploring identity and citizenship.


Lucia On air BW

Lucia believes that Social Broadcasting will become recognised as a powerful participatory medium, enabling personal stories, experiences and ‘ordinary’ voices to be heard and shared and brings this imaginative, non-linear thinking and expertise to S.I.D.E projects.


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