Junior Associate – Peju Osin

Peju took part in the Model City collection interpretation project delivered by S.I.D.E Projects for London Transport Museum in 2015. Peju proved to be a real asset on this project; a natural innovator and involver.

Peju is a design graduate with a passion for connecting and engaging with people and the desire to make the arts accessible for all. Her interests in community and design aesthetics lead her to research and write the dissertation entitled “Concrete Heroes & Villains: How Brutalist Architecture is fragmenting and cementing inner city London communities”. The piece touched on issues of socialism, access to the arts and cultural capital. She has experience in delivering in-depth research and concept proposals for residential projects.

After completing Model City, Rebecca invited Peju to become a S.I.D.E Junior Associate as well as advising her to apply to become a young freelancer at London Transport Museum. Peju took up both opportunities and is now supporting LTM’s learning and education teams, as well as working with S.I.D.E Projects to pitch for new and exciting contracts.