Director & Founder – Rebecca Hatchett

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Rebecca founded S.I.D.E projects after 13 years experience assembling teams and delivering community development and engagement projects in London.

She is highly creative and multi-skilled, with a wealth of experience across the charity, culture, heritage and public sectors.

Rebecca’s key strengths lie in her ability to reach and engage new audiences, offering perspective through diversity and learning through access to opportunity.

Her years of experience, working with diverse groups and organisations, coupled with her creative background and extended network, enables her to effectively interpret ideas, objects, subjects and contexts; making them accessible, relevant, exciting and tangible for people, regardless of their background.

She’s worked with museums, councils, charities, businesses and schools; on youth engagement, impact assessment, community regeneration, educational resource development and accreditation, creative workshop delivery, fundraising, partnership working, evaluation, marketing and communications.

Her professional experience rests on a creative foundation and desire to improve lives through education and opportunity.


Steve Gardam, then: Head of Live Programmes at London Transport Museum. Now: Director, The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre.

“Rebecca is often our first choice person for creative education projects. She cares about the work we do, and I know she will always go the extra mile, get the job done, and do it smiling. She’s a great colleague for commissioning and collaboration”.

Chris Avis, Previously Director of Development, Southwark College:

“As Director of Development at Southwark College I was involved with the initial employment of Rebecca into one of the most innovative areas of the College. She impressed me from the start with her attitude to managing difficult situations and her commitment to the students, who came from very deprived parts of London. She demonstrated an ability to problem solve, work independently at outreach centres and deliver targets to a time scale from the outset of her employment at the College.

Rebecca spent several years in one of the College’s community out-reach centres, where we delivered training and support to people considered hard to reach or at risk of isolation from society. She proved herself to be an effective, with a remarkable capacity to attract and retain new learners and referral partners.

I decided to recruit Rebecca into the main College campus, as her strengths suited funded project management. Over the next five years she grew from strength to strength, able to take new initiatives from a place of conception to completion, her positive attitude and personable nature made her a valued team member and reliable employee. Rebecca offered a diverse and very creative skills set, she worked to generate new ideas, develop and foster relationships within the community, manage, market and successfully deliver a wide range of new initiatives, such as ‘Celebrating Enterprise’.

In 2006 I became Deputy Principal Learning and Enterprise at the College, but I still followed Rebecca’s career with interest. She is driven by social and cultural Chrisinnovation and is committed to advocating, facilitating and building solutions to support and engage diverse communities. Her commitment is underpinned with a natural talent for inspiring and managing others, and an aptitude for brokering new networks.

I retired from the College in 2009 but I know from colleagues that she has continued to develop her skills and management experience in the area of community outreach and project innovation”.


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