museum case study – Enjoyment to Employment

S.I.D.E Founder, Rebecca has worked with London Transport Museum on an ongoing consultancy basis to develop their flagship Enjoyment to Employment initiative, a formative programme which reaches 50,000+ children and young people every year at key points throughout their learning and development.

Rebecca has supported the museum at significant key stages of the programme’s development; from stakeholder strategy, to programme design, to delivery and evaluation.

Route into Work offers an example of her contribution: A 3-day accredited pre-employment training developed in partnership with Transport for London. Route into Work harnesses the Museum’s rich transport collection and industry connections to support young people into careers in the transport industry. Since it started in 2010, Route into Work has been highly successful in supporting the museum to diversify their audience and strengthen their partnership with TfL. It has generated 100’s of transport opportunities for young people, and enabled transport employers to recruit fresh young talent into their workforce (see video, images and feedback below).

Rebecca has co-designed other professional development packages and methodologies for the Museum, covering topics such as Reflective Practice, Operations and Governance, Project Management, Networking and Going Freelance.

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Feedback from young people

They opened so many doors for me. The opportunity that I gained by going through route into work has and will continue to change my life 
I found it very helpful and especially the help from Rebecca, Gloria and Steph. Especially in answering interview questions.
I enjoyed every moment of it, I learnt more than I thought I would.

Wonderful experience, gained a lot of knowledge and made friends.

Use the skills and knowledge gained to better tailor CV to TFL. I’ve improved my communication and presentation skills, these will improve therefore my employability and enable to be better prepared for the interview with an employer.

Excellent experience and a boost to my chance of getting employment.

You guys were amazing, thank you very much.

My experience was valuable and exciting at the same time.

I think this course was very motivational and influencing and would recommend they make it more known to other people.

It was a good experience and I am very thankful.

I have fully enjoyed my experience and think the course was extremely helpful.

The course was helpful and informative. Amazing. I gained new knowledge and opportunities. I also gained inspiration to continue looking for a career in transport.

2 Thoughts on “museum case study – Enjoyment to Employment

  1. amir musavi on 24th March 2015 at 6:31 pm said:

    They opened so many doors for me. The opportunity that I gained by going through route into work has and will continue to change my life.

  2. Rebecca Hatchett on 24th March 2015 at 8:22 pm said:

    Thanks Amir! You have such a great future ahead and I’m really pleased we could play our little part in it. Let us know which job you choose (now that you’ve had a few offers ;) – Becky