Training Design

Rebecca Hatchett has designed a wide range of training and away day packages including:

  • Visual Thinker Training
  • Reflective Practice (three part course)
  • Presentation skills (half day training)
  • Networking skills (half day training)
  • Design thinking (five day sprint)
  • Project Management (half day training)
  • Community engagement (half day training)
  • Delivering successful workshops (half day training)
  • Organisational Operations and Governance (half day)
  • Employability training (three-day accredited training)

Rebecca’s method for designing training always includes co-design, testing and evaluation with the organisation. Training is then often then imbedded and facilitated by the organisation’s core team or freelance facilitators.

Route into Work offers an example of the type of training I’ve developed: A 3-day accredited course developed for the London Transport Museum in partnership with Transport for London. Route into Work harnesses the Museum’s rich transport collection and industry connections to support young people into careers in the transport industry.

Clients include:

  • Barbican (London)
  • National Gallery (London)
  • London Transport Museum (London)
  • Southwark College (FE London)

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