Associate – Vicki Pipe

Vicki brings to S.I.D.E Projects eleven years of experience within the arts and cultural sectors leading projects, delivering programmes, training, managing teams, building partnerships (and galleries) and evaluating outcomes.

She has worked with large organisations, small independent artists and for herself, gaining a breadth of knowledge and understanding of how to successfully build relationships, merge industries, maintain outcomes and bring the best to every audience her work engages with.

Most recently for London Transport Museum her work has focused on projects for families, young people and adult learners, providing opportunities for cultural and artistic engagement, skills development and promoting social cohesion. A signature of Vicki’s work is the active role participants themselves play in delivery, decision making and the final outcome.

As an active artist, with a background in dance and theatre, Vicki is constantly involved in the creative process. Pushing her boundaries and encountering new experiences, which she brings back into her role as an S.I.D.E Associate.

Vicki believes strongly in the collaborative process, and enjoys nothing more than a passionate discussion to develop ideas, make plans and find solutions to achieve a groups ambitions.

As Family & Community Programme Manager for London Transport Museum Vicki has managed and delivered on the following learning programmes;

  • Battle Bus
  • Project 353
  • All Aboard

As an artist Vicki has been involved in the following companies and projects;

  • LadyProv, Co-Founder and performer
  • Londonist, Presenter
  • Forked Path Theatre, Co-Assistant Director and Performer,
  • Dementis, Performer


At the heart of Vicki’s work is always a good story.

“I love to tell stories … the kind that make you think differently about your everyday. I live for the discovery of something profound or new in the seemingly ordinary, and through my work strive to always share the awe of discovery with others.


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