youth engagement case study – First Light

First Light (now known as Into Film) is a UK wide organisation which uses film and media production to develop skills in young people aged up to 25.

In 2012 Vital Regeneration won funding from first light to produce 4 short films with young people from from a wide range of backgrounds living in West London.

S.I.D.E Project Founder Rebecca and S.I.D.E associate Mmoloki worked with Vital Regeneration to deliver the project. Rebecca managed the project; engaging the partners, marketing, budgeting, showcasing, evaluating and reporting. While Mmoloki acted as the lead tutor and film maker, utilising his experience in film making, production, tutoring, mentoring, acting and coaching, to bring out the very best in each and every young person involved.

first light First Light 2

A total of 58 young people, from two local Academy schools and two community groups, got the chance to create their own short films, they learnt the craft of high-quality short filmmaking, from an industry professional, using industry standard equipment, and developed key life and employability skills, such as team work, professionalism and accountability.

“The final film is a testament to the creativity of the pupils and the leadership of Mmloki.  I will be proud to share this with the school.  Thank you for your efforts and I hope to work on a similar project next year with you!” – Chandrika Patel, Burlington Danes Academy